Diane, Runner Assessment 2021

“I was recommended by a good friend to have my running assessment with Michelle and I was really glad I did.  The whole experience was great from start to finish. Michelle is highly professional and made the assessment fun, whilst pointing out practical steps to improve my running style that will help me to achieve my goals.  I look forward to working with Michelle again in the future.”

Nigel, London Marathon Training 2020

Having been a casual runner for a number of years with the longest distance being a Half Marathon. I decided to take the challenge of completing a life ambition to run the London Marathon. Having been unable to secure a ballot place over the years, I decided it was time to make this even more special and was lucky enough to secure a place in the 2020 London Marathon for the Make A Wish charity. So when this was confirmed I thought ok so how do I plan for this and sure enough you can google Marathon training plans but these are very generic. At this point, I was talking to a client who suggested a running coach? At that point, I responded with I am not that good and their response was you see and highly recommended Michelle at Bodymode Coaching.

So I thought ok let’s have a chat and Michelle straight away engaged me in how she works and suggested a session initially to assess my running style. Well after an hours session I completed changed my running style and realised the difference this can make. This went from small changes that just transformed the way in which I thought about running from arm movement to where I look when running.

After then discussing with Michelle my challenge ahead we agreed for Michelle to prepare a specific 20-week training programme specifically designed for me. Within this was different types of training including Tempo Runs, Interval Runs, Different speeds. Having previously just put my trainers on and run this was a big change to make. Michelle even helped with showing how this programme can be set up using my Garmin to ensure I run the correct pace etc…

If someone would have told me a year ago I could run a full marathon I would have asked them what they have been drinking !!! However, I have to say as the weeks progressed I found the programme excellent and engaging and Michelle would provide her feedback as well as individuals providing your feedback so the whole time kept in touch to make sure everything was going to plan.

Despite the Marathon getting postponed I had got up to 22 miles which I never would have believed and not just got there I felt good with the way the programme was built ensured it was done on an excellent timetable and gradually changes. Of course challenges along the way but I can’t say how much I would recommend this service. Truly changed how I run and have a plan specific to you makes things much more enjoyable and relevant.

Anybody thinking of running and whether that be their first 5k, 10k, half or full marathon I would 100% recommend Michelle.”

Jamie, Royal Parks Half Oct 2019

“I first started working with Michelle when I joined her beginner runner course in January 2019, back then I hadn’t run for over 4 years and my confidence as a runner was really low following years of demoralising training. Michelle’s coaching restored my confidence and gave me a love for running I had never previously had.

I was pleased to be able to trust her enough to develop my training program for my Half Marathon, which I honestly believe I could not have done without her help. Over the 8 week program she prepared for me, I became a fitter, stronger and smarter runner and was able to complete my half marathon.

Michelle is an excellent coach and I recommend her to everyone, you will not regret it.”

Sarah, Beginner Runner 2020

I have just finished a 6-week course with Michelle, and to say it’s been amazing would be such an understatement!

Having lost a considerable amount of weight over the last 4 years I embarked on the next part of my journey to get fit and active, and this started during the lockdown.

I always vowed I’d never run, I didn’t understand anyone who did, but deciding to give it one last shot, this time it clicked! The buzz! I loved it, but I winged it for a few weeks and then thought, if I’m not careful I could end up causing myself mischief, but I also wanted to be the very best I could be, even though I was deciding to do this much later in life then most 46 years young.

Michelle was recommended to me, and it was the best recommendation ever! She has absolutely set me up for what I hope to be a very enjoyable future as a runner, and I cannot thank her enough, or recommend her and the many services she offers.

Something for everyone, no matter what your life schedule consists of.

If you’ve ever been in doubt to sign up with a coach, don’t hesitate any more and put your trust in Michelle as I did… You won’t regret it!” 

Claire, London Marathon April 2019

 “After a getting a charity place in the London Marathon, I had a slight panic about fitting in a training plan with working part time and family life. This was my second marathon but this time I had young children to keep me busy.
I approached Michelle at the end of November to help create a realistic training plan to fit around my schedule. Michelle and I met to determine my main aims and discuss my general fitness.
In total, I followed a 22 week tailored plan, 5 days involved either running (long runs, speed work and hill training) cross training or strength work. Each week varied depending on the level of intensity and were easy to fit into my day to day life. Michelle set realistic goals and never doubted my ability.
I also attended Bodymode’s circuit training sessions once a week. These along with the strength work set in my plan made such a difference to my running, keeping me injury free where I had suffered in the past and increased my level of fitness.
Michelle and I would keep in touch by phone as that was more convenient for myself. Her encouragement and support was fundamental to my training, especially in the final few weeks. Her faith in me and motivation got me through the 26.2 miles. Thank you Michelle!”

 Rosie, Pembrokeshire Marathon April 2019

“I have been training with Michelle now for over a year and have completed my very first marathon thanks to her excellent run coaching and training plans.  I have learnt all about the importance of strength training (something I knew nothing about) and was so pleased to realise a dream earlier this year when I completed my first coastal marathon (in tough weather conditions too).

The online training calendar is fantastic, helping me to plan out my week around work and home commitments, as well as being a useful way to keep in contact with Michelle if I have any queries.  I love ticking off the workouts once they are completed too.

I thoroughly recommend Michelle as a run coach and am looking forward to continuing my training with her and developing my running fitness.

Thank you Michelle!”

Rhiannon, Strength & Conditioning  January, 2020

“I have been using Michelle’s strength programme for the last 4 months as I wanted to help improve my running.

Michelle tailored my programme to what equipment I have at home. I love kettlebells so my workouts are based around them.

I really enjoy all the workouts, they are varied enough to keep me engaged and to challenge me. The fact that I am accountable to someone also helps. The workouts can be moved around so they don’t have to be done on a set day which is great when I need to be flexible.

The best thing is my running is definitely improving and I feel a lot stronger.”

Kelly, Cambridge Half Marathon March 2019

“As someone relatively new to running who had signed up to do the Cambridge Half Marathon, it occurred to me that in order to complete this distance I would need a good training plan.

I’d been on Google to look for some training plans, but they were a bit limited and gave mixed advice which was confusing. So I turned to Michelle at Bodymode to help me create a tailored plan just for me.

She created a 16 week program to build me up from my 10km race ability to half marathon distance. The plan included scheduled runs, strength work exercises and nutrition.

Come race day I was also given a race plan with target paces and race strategy for success. I’m pleased to say that I completed the race in a respectable time and I have no doubt that Michelle’s plan was the reason I was able to do that and come away injury free. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is training for a big event, or who is attempting a new distance race to sign up for a personal training with Michelle.”

 Amy, Bonfire Burn, Nov 2019

I joined Bodymode’s beginners running course in January 2019 as someone who had tried running before but it hadn’t ever stuck and in my own words I wasn’t a runner. Michelle’s coaching actually showed me how to run and then it become something that I could do and enjoy while losing weight.

Once I’d managed to run a 5K, a 10K event seemed like a big jump and I wasn’t ready to make it without a personalised plan based around me as a runner. Michelle’s weekly structure and sessions were great. Michelle was on hand to advise and coach in a way which was fair but firm when required. As such I managed to finish and achieve the predicted sub 1 hour 20″.