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Bodymode Coaching offers bespoke run coaching and programs for runners of all abilities and all distances, tailored to an athlete’s individual goals, level of experience and lifestyle.

Michelle is a licensed UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and Event Group Coach in Endurance and will help you to develop a clear strategy to ensure you grow by giving you professional advice and training methods to get you performing at your best.

Using a coach is a great way to keep you on track with your goals!

UK Athletics Endurance Performance Coach Michelle Bird


“I thoroughly recommend Michelle as a run coach and am looking forward to continuing my training with her and developing my running fitness. Thank you Michelle!”


“I really enjoy all the workouts, they are varied enough to keep me engaged and to challenge me! The fact that I am accountable to someone also helps. The workouts can be moved around so they don’t have to be done on a set day which is great when I need to be flexible.

The best thing is my running is definitely improving and I feel a lot stronger”

Rhiannon, 2020

“Michelle’s encouragement and support was fundamental to my training, especially in the final few weeks. Her faith in me and motivation got me through the 26.2 miles. Thank you Michelle!”


“I’ve just completed the Speed for Distance Runners course and Michelle helped me with my running form and tested my fitness to see what I’m capable of. I didn’t think I could maintain the speeds I was set but Michelle knew better and proved that I could. I now have new paces to work on and improve my speed further.

Thank you Michelle for the help and advice!” 

Vicky, 2019

“Anybody thinking of running and whether that be their first 5k, 10k , half or full marathon I would 100% recommend Michelle.”


“Michelle was recommended to me, and it was the best recommendation ever! She has absolutely set me up for what I hope to be a very enjoyable future as a runner,

If you’ve ever been in doubt to sign up with a coach, don’t hesitate any more and put your trust in Michelle as I did. You won’t regret it!”

Sarah, 2020